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Tostada is just a corn tortilla that is baked or fried till crispy. The way I make Tostadas is very easy I usually take fresh corn tortillas and I lay a tortilla heating pan over my stove, and I usually turn the heat or flame on medium to avoid burning the opened tortilla. I usually get the corn tortilla to cook to where the humidity of the corn tortilla goes away and it starts drying. When the corn tortilla is completely dried and very hard it is officially a Tostada and you can enjoy the hard crunchy Tostada with any meal dish you are enjoying.

Tostadas are used with different toppings depending on what you want on your Tostada. I usually put chopped tomatoes and avocados on my Tostada and some type of cooked chopped meat on top. Tostadas are basically a hard taco that is open instead of folded. There is so many different ways to decorate your Tostada it's all up to your taste buds and what kind of meal you are eating. Sometimes I buy Mexican dairy cream to spread over my Tostadas which is called Crema, and it's very good the taste is unique.

Tostadas can be used at a birthday party and they fill people up very quickly, because you can put so much stuff on Tostadas that the party requires very little food to be full of eating. I usually eat about three when I'm at a party or friends house. I love to eat Tostadas, but I hate to destroy the Tostadas by crunching them away, because they are so pretty and decorated when done correctly. I would recommend you readers out there to try Tostadas and let me know how they tasted with your meal. The way I discussed Tostadas is a method used by my people for years and the tradition continues right now in my kitchen.